desember 2009

Troll 2 (1990)

Directed by:Claudio FragassoStarring:Michael StephensonGeorge HardyMargo PreyConnie YoungRobert OrmsbyDeborah reed"Troll 2" is a movie I was really excited to watch. My expectations were ...

The Room (2003)

Written, Directed and Produced by:Tommy WiseauStarring:Tommy WiseauJuliette DanielleGreg SesteroPhilip HaldimanRhumours has it that Tommy Wiseau used 4 years and spent over $7 million making this f...

Merry Fucking Christmas

I am kind of confused because I do not know what christmas is all about? is it about the birth of the coolest hippie of all time? Jesus Christ. Or is it all about the evil Santa Claus with his red ...

Silent Night, Deadly Night part 2

Directed by: Lee HarryStarring: Eric Freeman, James Newman, Elizabeth Kaitan, Jean Miller Taglines: "The nightmare is about to begin... again!" "Prayers Won't Save You In The Silent Part O...


30, Trondheim

Well, this blog will be mostly in English, maybe part broken Inglish since na me de be halfway Naijan (Nigerian). But before I go any further I just want to take my time and thank you all for stopping by this blog. I am David, half white half black, I rap, do martial arts and I am totally in to art. (Not that spiritual kind of shit where u trace a line and felt the connection between the earth and universe doing it... fuck that.). Enjoy my blog