The One Warrior (2011)

Directed by: Tom Stout

Starring: Dominic Keatin, Jason David Frank, James Russo, Brent Henry and Mellissa Cowley

First, I must appologize for my horrible mistakes that might occurr. I am writing with one finger as my left hand is broken and I am wearing a pink cast during my recovery. Anyway, The One Warrior is a fantasy/action movie about a warrior who apparantly, is the one. It is losely based on video adventure games. In many ways, it reminds me of "the room" version of a fantasy game done as a movie. Hilarious and entertaining, but yet intense. It is the kind of film you sit down and watch with drunk friends for a laugh. What is really funny, the story takes place in this mystic world where they speak old english, but still, the warriors arms are filled with modern tattoos (watch images below).


All in all... this is a b-movie that I recommend to everybody. Mostly because of Mellissa Cowley. She is one to watch.

I give this film 6.8/10 pukes



Check out this music video with clips taken from the movie

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