Ms. 45 (1981)

Directed by: Abel Ferrara

Starring: Zo Lund, Albert Synkis and Darlene Stuto


  • Crime Will No Longer Roam the Streets.
  • It will never happen again!
  • She was abused and violated. It will never happen again!
  • She's number one...with a bullet.
  • No man will ever be safe again.

"Ms. 45", also known as "Angel of Vengeance", is the story about a shy and mute seamstress who goes insane after being attacked and raped twice in one day. She takes matter in own hands in the streets of New York after dark and randomly kills men with a .45 caliber gun.
I just loved this film, the plot, the main actress and how the director use his imagination with a low budget film. Zo Tamerlis Lund plays Thana, the main character in this film. The role was really made for her, I mean, she had this innocent baby-ish face that was just so fit for this role, that at some point you actually believe the film is "real".
This is a film that I classify as a "feminist b-movie vengeance thriller", and it is filled with methaphors of a how the male gender are "pigs".
If you have some feminism in you, watch this shit...
If you're just like me and enjoys a girl power flick, watch this shit...
If you want a different kind of movie, watch this shit...
... you will not regret it...

There is not really much more to say other than this film has a nice balance of something bad turned into nice in a brutal kind of way.

I have to give this one 9/10 pukes


  • One band member is playing the trumpet, but what you hear is obviously a saxophone. There is no trumpet sound in the song the band is playing.

!! The goof below may give away important plot points:

  • When Thana shoots The Photographer, right after the blood flies in from off-screen, the camera pans wildly and you can see a bearded crew member in a red shirt for a few frames before the camera whips back to The Photographer.

Did you know:

  • The name of Zo Lund's character, Thana, is reminiscent of the Greek god of death, "Thanatos". Sigmund Freud used the word to refer to the human "death instinct", which leads people to take risks, seek thrills or behave destructively in ways that could lead to death.

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