Head Cheerleader Dead Cheerleader (2000)

Directed by: Jeffrey Miller

Starring: Tasha Biering, Dan Roach, Andre Walker


  • Who will make the cut?
  • Two-Four-Six-Eight-Who do we decapitate!


  • "Coach Elaine Riley: Be careful tonight, Heather - I can't afford to lose my head cheerleader before the big game tomorrow.
  • "The Voice: Mmmm, just what I like, fresh cheerleader - sounds like a new Ben & Jerry's flavor."
  • "Heather Connelly: Don't mess with me, Coach, I'm a *cheerleader*"
  • "Cheerleaders: Two four six eight, who should we decapitate!"

This movie is okay. It was no like... WOW! I mean it has some nakedness here and there, some tits flying around after been cut off with an axe. For me, it was more or less a scream parody but with ugly end of the 90's style cheerleaders.
It has some predictable surprises now and then, but it wouldnt be a surprise if it was predictable now would it?
I think the director tried out the surprising element but failed doing so.
The acting is like a school play, overdramatic, over acting and tense. It is a serial killer type horror movie. Nothing new, nothing special, just plain and average.
It was e

Sorry, I didn't find any videoclip or trailers for this one.

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