Christmas Evil (1980)

Directed by: Lewis Jackson

Starring: Brandon Maggart, Jeffrey DeMunn and Dianne Hull


  • You'd better take care...Santa is coming to town!
  • He'll sleigh you.
  • Better Watch Out... Better Not Cry... Or You May DIE!


  • "Harry "Santa": You want it all... but you're no longer a child. "
  • "Harry "Santa": But if you're bad, then your name goes in the Bad Boys and Girls Book, and then I'll bring you something... horrible."
  • "[last line after Harry gets away from the vigilante mob]
    Harry "Santa": But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."
  • "[last line after Harry gets away from the vigilante mob]
    Harry "Santa": "Every day you would shave, you see yourself one day closer to dying."

HO HO HO... NO NO NO!!! this movie is not good at all. The flilm is about a psycho in a Santa suit that gets to decide who's been naughty and who's been nice. It is suppose to be a horror movie, but they have just tried to make it scary by putting some ridiculous "scary" sounding synth noices.
This film is just, how can I put it... boring. I sat through 1 hour and 13 minutes before I fast forwarded through the rest. It is that bad!
I just got the feeling that they were trying to hard to make it work. Director John Waters says: "The greatest christmas movie ever made". He must have smoked crack when he said that, or maybe he got a free blowjob from a thai hooker and said it while getting an orgasm just as horrible as this film.

My advice: Ignore it, buy it and burn it, or just do a big dump on it, because that is what it is, a big dump...

I give this movie 1.5/10 pukes


When Harry's brother falls down the hill, it's obviously a fake sheet of snow as it all lifts off the ground.

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