Suburbia (1983)

Directed by: Penelope Spheeris

Starring: Chris Pedersen, Bill Coyne and Jennifer Clay


  • A New Movie ... About A New Generation.
  • The kids from ... The Wild Side ... The Side You've Never Seen.


  • "Jack Diddley: My old man's gonna be back soon and if we're still here he's gonna shit Twinkies. "
  • "DI - Vocals: Have some fuckin' fun, move up."
  • "Razzle: Happy Easter, asshole."
  • "Jack Diddley: Where's that house, Flea?
    Razzle: Over there... Hey, my name's Razzle, man."
  • "Joe Schmo: Later days."
  • "Club Owner: Give 'em the muzak."

I have mixed feelings after watching this film. It is now approx 9 hours since I watched it (eventually when you read this it will be more) and I had to digest it before I wrote about it. Seriously, it is very hard for me to determin if I like it or not. But in a way, the more I think about it the more I like it, so I am getting there. Suburbia, written and directed by Penelope Spheeris (Waynes World, Sensless, The Beverly Hillbillies), used 6 weeks to shoot this film and with the exception of Chris Pedersen and Bill Coyne, the kids in the movie were not professional actors.
Another interessting fact is that she cast real punk rockers instead of seasoned actors in the interest of realism. The kid actors in this film did their own stunts and many of the incidents which are shown in the movie were inspired by real life events writer/director Penelope Spheeris read about in local newspapers.

In a way I feel it is wrong to joke around with this filn because I have synoathy for it. I mean the acting reminds of the acting in a schoolplay, but for some reason you respect this film in anyway you can. Just confusing...
In a way I want to give it 2/10 pukes and something tells me to give it 9/10...
Maybe I should meet in the middle and give it 6/10 pukes... I think I will do that

This film has been given 6/10 pukes from monkeybwoy...

I will sign out by reaviling some goofs ...


  • When all the punk kids are driving in Jack's car, Jack calls the character Razzle (Flea) Flea.
  • When Razzle dumps the slushie into the pickled egg jar, blue syrup goes all down the outside of the jar and puddles onto the counter. In the next shot, the slushie is neatly contained (and well mixed) inside the jar with no mess.
  • When the big dog tries to come in through the car window, his chain is visible.
  • When the rednecks are shooting the dogs, you can see the tripwires used to flip them over.

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