Witchboard (1986)

Directed by: Kevin Tenney

Starring: Tawny Kitaen, Todd Allen, Clare Bristol


  • "Never play it alone"
  • "This game could be fatal. Don't play it alone."
  • "Pray for survival till dawn"


  • "Zarabeth: Hang loose, stay cool, and don't forget your psychic humor. "
  • "Zarabeth: TTFN
    Brandon Sinclair: What's "TTFN"?
    Jim Morar: Ta Ta For Now."

"Witchboard was filmed in Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino National Forest, California with and estimated budget of $2,000,000." -wikipedia-

"Witchboard had a 15 screen limited release on December 31, 1986 with the film bringing in $95,435 that weekend. The film had a full U.S. release on March 13, 1987 bringing in $2,582,408 that weekend. The film's final box office gross was $7,369,373." -wikipedia"

Whenever I see a movie about ghosts and ouija boards and stuff like that, I automatically get a little bit scared and witchboard was no exception. But after the first 30 minutes my excitment for this film went from high adrenaline to a small smile because lets face it, this film is more funny than scary and has more "errors" in it than all the deathstalker series together.
Linda, played by Tawny Kitaen (Gwendoline), gets hooked on a ouija board that her friend Brandon, played by Stephen Nichols, forgets at a party. After a demonstration with the board at the party, Linda gets hooked and obsessed with a demon and yada yada yada...
I will admit, this film was quite entertaining, the acting was what to expect from a b-movie, but it doesnt really shine like a 2 000 000 usd movie from the 80's...

If you have a girlfriend... Watch this film with her one night when ur all alone in a big dark room... maybe the norwegian winter is the perfect season for this, just as long as it is after 4 p.m

This deserves 6,5/10 pukes

Now the question remains if I will watch the follow ups: Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway, released in 1993, and Witchboard III: The Possession, which had no relationship at all released in 1995.


  • After Linda found her diamond ring in the bathroom sink drain, James shows up and startles her. At one point, you can see James in the mirror with his mouth moving but his voice couldn't be heard.
  • Malfaitor strikes Brandon vertically on the forehead with the axe, but when Jim finds him, the would is horizontal across Brandon's face.
  • The POV shots of Linda's hands are different from the side-angle when she's possessed by Malfaitor.
  • Though out the movie Linda's fingernail polish changes from red to clear
  • The cameraman's shadow visible during a close-up of the hatchet hammer lying on the sheetrock.
  • When Zarabeth is being chased up stairs by the as yet unidentified spirit, you can see the shadow of a cameraman and a mic boom.
  • In the third act when the "spirit" cam cranes up to the second floor bedroom and into the window, you can see the set lights reflected in the window, the bedroom mirror and the bathroom mirror.
  • When Linda is possessed and attacking James towards the end, he stabs her to fight her off, and you can see obvious padding under her pants where the knife was stuck.
  • You can see where the lines on the ropes holding the barrels are marked to break.

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