The Big Bird Cage (1972)

Directed by: Jack Hill

Starring: Pam Grier, Anitra Ford, Candice Roman and Sid Haig


  • "Women so hot with desire they melt the chains that enslave them!"
  • "Men who are only half men and women who are more than all woman!"
  • "The ultimate breakout."
  • "The brutal saga of women in a no-man's land."

"A bad girl named Blossom is the rough-and-ready girlfriend of a radical guerrilla leader named Django. But when Django's mercenary friends itch for some female companionship, they devise a plan to liberate the inmates of a local women's prison. With the help of another new inmate, Blossom and Django go up against a tyrannical warden to stage an explosive breakout." -wikipedia-

Time flies when you watch this movie, I am totally into the jungle, adventure kind of films. Mix that genre with girls, prison and gay guards. Pam Grier delivers wacky performance as usual, but in a cool, slick, I'll beat up yo mama kind of way. This is an exploitation film that will stay without any dust when in the movieshelf because it will be watched ceveral times.

7/10 Pukes

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