Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans (1991)

Directed by: Howard R. Cohen

Starring: Rick Hill, Maria Ford and Brett Baxter Clark

Tagline(s): The final conflict


  • "Vaniat: Finest wine I've ever tasted. You must show me your cellar.
    Kana: I'll show you more than that."
  • "Kana: Have him taken to the dungeon with the others."
  • "Deathstalker: Look, Kana, I could be so much more fun to you alive than dead, if you'd just untie these straps."

Well, they've done did it again. Deathstalker IV with scenes, again taken from the first one. The only difference now is that Deathstalker is played by Rick Hill, the same guy who starred in the first Deathstalker film. Now he is not wearing a wig (I understand why he did in the first one), and he is about 8 years older than in the first film and it shows. This is a film about swordsmen and tournament with the baddest muther fuckers on the planet (exept they really suck), mix the machoism with bad acting, zombies made of stone, tits and fight scenes that kind off look like Tommy Wiseau when he trashes the room in his movie, "The Room" (this meaning that the fight scenes are stiff, slow, and sometimes they tear down objects in order to create distraction of their opponent, but in a very "lazy" way.).

I was so worried when I put on this film because of the prevous one, once this one is finished I will not get my life back. Apparantly Rick Hill is a cool b-movie actor and I would love to see more of his work. It is also funny because sometimes they have dubbed places where you can clearly see their mouths not moving. The concept of an evil princess/queen arranging a tournament, giving the contestants wine turning them into zombies made of stone for her own little army just have to be written/made up by some stoner who calls himself a writer. I give this 2 thumbs down in a complimentary way.

7/10 pukes

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