Deathstalker III: The Warriors From Hell (1987)

Directed by: Alfonso Corona

Starring: John Allen Nelson, Carla Herd, Terri Treas


  • " Slaying His Rivals Isn't The Problem. Keeping Them Dead Is!"


  • "Khorsa: Potatoes are what we eat!"

Kind of strange to watch a film with the same main theme as another film, in this case it is the same as Roger Corman's "Battle Beyond the Stars". Even the exterior shots from the castle is taken from leftover footage from Roger Corman's "The Raven". I believe that they have even stolen music from David Lynch's, "Dune".
The main character, Deathstalker (played by John Allen Nelson) has changed his face yet again. In the first film, he was a blond wig wearing motherfucker, in the second he had darkbrown hair, and in this one he has light brown and annoying acting skills. His face is of the kind of you can't stand and all you want to do is to break it's nose.

This was just bad, and a very lacking performance, at least in the other two films the actors tried, but yet failed wich made them more charming.
In the opening jousting sequence, Deathstalker has an English accent which is not heard for the rest of the film.

This is the kind of b-movie where you regret watching, thinking to yourself "I want my goddamn 1 hrs 25 minutes back of my life"...Sadly... I am starting to doubt Deathstalker IV...

I give this 2/10 pukes

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