The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of Yik-Yak (1984)

Directed by: Just Jaeckin

Starring: Tawny Kitaen, Brent Huff, Zabou Breitman


  • " Outrageous adventures in the Kingdom of Women "


  • "Willard: Feel like dying?
    Gwendoline: When I'm close to you, I feel safe!"
  • "Gwendoline: Is it a boa?
    Willard: No, it's a goldfish.
    Gwendoline: Ahh!"
  • "Willard: Look, if I was a butterfly and I lived here, and somebody tried to take me to London, I'd break their face."
  • "D'Arcy: She made me do things that were against the laws of nature!"
  • "D'Arcy: The Queen's Will is the Will of the Queen!"
  • "Gwendoline: He was wonderful, Beth. Big blue eyes! Long white hands!"
  • "Willard: Hey, you guys okay? You're not dead or anything?"

This movie SUCKS!!!!, but I love it. The acting is outrageous, the costumes are "great"... This film is losely based on the bondage comics, Sweet Gwendoline. Roughly, the plot in the film is based on the search for Gwendolines father who went missing on his quest into the land of the yuk-yuk to find a special butterfly that would make him famous. After her fathers disappearance she choses to follow his trail in order to find him. She travels with her made and convinces a guy named Willard to bring them to the land of the Yuk-Yuk, where a tribe is ruled by only women and a mad scientist. This film is a b-movie verison of "Indiana Jones" only with a chick in the lead role. It is filled with adventures, jungles, deserts and poisonous air. It is filled with obvious mistakes that makes you rewind those parts just so that you can see the goofs again.
The lip sync is out of control, you think it is a foreign movie just to realize that the lips are not insync with the sound (nothing is wrong with the dvd you bought, this is a part of the art).
And did you know that according to director, the final temple location of the film was actually shot on one stage with "roll-away" walls that were dressed and rearranged before each scene to give the appearance of many different rooms.
I bet you didnt, but now you do.
This is the kind of b-movie that I would LOVE to watch again, and again, and ceveral more times..

I give this 7.5/10 pukes

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