Sweet Gwendoline

Gwendoline Betty Page

I came over a film called: "The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of Yik-Yak" ( I will rate this film in the next blog entry). I found out that this was losely based on a cartoon character; "Sweet Gwendoline" created by John Alexander Scott Couts ((December 9, 1902 - August 5, 1962) better known as John Willie.
"Sweet Gwendoline" was published during the 50's and 60's possibly the most famous bondage iconafter Bettie Page (now you know why I posted a photo of Bettie, for all y'all mutha fuccas who don't know who miss Page is).

As a bondage artist, John Willie is best known for his character Sweet Gwendoline, which he drew in a clear, anatomically correct style that influenced later artists such as ENEG and Eric Stanton. Other characters include U69 (censored to U89 in some editions) as the raven-haired dominatrix who ties up Gwendoline and Sir Dystic d'Arcy, the only prominent male character and probably a parody of Willie himself.

The comic strip was published by Irving Klaw, who forced Stanton to paint clothes over the whip marks on the originals of "The Missing Princess".
After publishing 20 issues of Bizarre he moved to Hollywood, California. He developed a brain tumor in 1961 and was forced to stop his mail order business. He destroyed his archives and returned to England where he died in his sleep.
He was portrayed by Jared Harris in the 2006 movie The Notorious Bettie Page, which featured a (fictional) meeting between Willie and Page.

The story of "Sweet Gwendoline" was published as a piecemeal serial, appearing usually two pages at a time in several different magazines over the years.

In Willie's drawings and comic books, Gwendoline appears as a rather nave blonde damsel in distress with ample curves, who is unfortunate enough to find herself tied up in scene after scene. She is rescued and also repeatedly tied up (though for benevolent reasons) by Secret Agent U-69 (pictured talking to Gwendoline in the illustration). The moustachioed villain "Sir Dystic D'Arcy" was based on Willie himself.Though it has been compared to The Perils of Pauline, Willie stated that he had not seen it or even heard of the film until much later in his career.

Did you know: The g-string tie method of bondage was popularised by John Willie. He regarded it as exceptionally difficult to escape from, claiming that even Harry Houdini did not like trying to escape from it.

The g-string tie method.

It is very interessting how one small detail might lead to something else, new, interessting. Here I was searching for a b-movie for my enjoyment and to write about it on my blog, and suddenly I discovered a whole new world of bondage cartoons from the 50's... How can I not mention this.

Hope you enjoyed this small piece about John Willie and his famous character: "Sweet Gwendoline".


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