Deathstalker II (1987)

Directed by: Jim Wynorski

Starring: John Terlesky, Monique Gabrielle, John Lazar.


  • "His battle isn't over yet..."
  • "Twice The Action. Twice The Passion. Twice The Adventure."
  • "Three worlds to conquer.Two mighty warriors.One sword of justice"


  • "Princess Evie: Oh, so you rob from the rich, and give to the poor?
    Deathstalker: No, I rob from the rich, and pretty much keep it for myself."
  • "Sultana: I'll have my revenge... and Deathstalker too!"
  • "Deathstalker: Ordinarily I don't mind seeing a woman get a good beating, if she deserves it, but this doesn't look like much of a contest to me."
  • "Princess Evie: You came back!
    Deathstalker: By popular demand."

This is the kind of b-movie I am a fan of; Overacting, terrible fight scenes (the last fight scene between deathstalker and Jarek the scorcerer were rehearsed for a period of 2 weeks and still sucks). This has nothing to do with the first Deathstalker, but rather a newer, but worst version of the old one. They even use some of the material from the first and put it in the second. (this is called the copy paste technique, something similar director Godfrey Ho did with his ninja movies).
Deathstalker meets Reena the Seer who can look in the future with her crystal ball (actually a door knob) and leads him into an adventure with zombies, graveyards, pig looking monsters, a tribe with half naked women, big boned female wrestlers, bandits, scorcerers, duplicate princesses and much more.

This seemed less serious than the first one, and had a more joking attitude and because of this it made it easier to watch, you get entertained by it. I must say, this is a film to keep in your b-movie collection for sure.

I give this piece of film 7/10 pukes.

Since this was so different than the first, I wonder how the second and third will be like... hm... reviews coming soon!!

Enjoy the trailer:


The End...

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