Big Bad Mama

Directed by: Steve Carver

Starring: Angie Dickinson, William Shatner, Susan Sennett, Robbie Lee and Tom Skerritt.

"Hot Lead - Hot Cars - Hot Damn!"
"Men, Money And Moonshine: When It Comes To Vice, Mama Knows Best."
"Wilma gave her daughters everything - her looks, her lovers and the crime of their lives!"

- "Wilma McClatchie: Get yer hand off my tit, Barney!"
- "Jane Kingston: [Jane is tied up and Fred proceeds to grope her]
Jane Kingston: What are you doing?
Fred Diller: I just, uh, never felt the titties of a millionaire before."

This (hillbillie) exploitation movie was shot in only 20 days, maybe this is why I couldnt accept it for what it was. It was not my cup of tea, really. The director, Steve Carver has worked on a few movies with Chuck Norris and I cant wait to see those, because this piece of mama drama was just to much, the same banjo tune playing throughout the whole film. (only bad movie I know where 1 soundtrack works for now is "Hercules in New York" starring a young Arnold Schwarznegger), they repeated the same jokes in every "action scene" with the same "punchline" every goddamn time. If you want to watch this film, do it for the boobs (if you're into 70's style sisky).

I give this 4/10 pukes

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