Deathstalker (1983)

Directed by: James Sbardellati

Starring: Rick Hill, Barbi Benton and Richard Brooker

Tagline: "The Might of the Sword... The Evil of the Sorcerer.."

" Deathstalker: Heroes and fools are the same thing."

Rick Hill wore a wig during the shoot of this wonderful b-movie shot in 37 days. This is the kind of film where you find mistakes while you watch it and find it hilarious. "When Deathstalker gains the "Sword of Justice" in the cave, the sword glows blue light. However, when the camera cuts and then shows another people in the cave, watching the sword, the light is red" - imdb
The cutting is so sudden sometimes that the next scene doesnt make any sense, the same with the music, it is as if they are playing the soundtrack directly from a cd and press the next button creating a horrible overlap from one song to the other.
For 1 hour and 15 minutes of waving the swords like only non-fighters would do, the same amount of time with naked women every 5 minutes, the acting, the editing, the soundtrack. This movie is on the edge to be just bad, now we don't want that.
I give it 6/10 pukes!!
But deep inside me, a voice is telling me to see Deathstalker II and Deathstalker III

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