Dirty Dancin'

It is important to be happy in life, to have endless smiles and enjoy it as much as one can. One way of enjoying life is to dance, it doesnt matter if you are a profesionnal dancer or not, just do it for fun sake. I am sure we all have some crazy moves that we are proud of but in other eyes look very ridiculous. Well at least you're having fun, and people watching you with your fucked up moves are having fun, so I guess we're all smiling at the end...

I have taking some time to gather some FUCKED up dance videos... So while you sit staring at your computerscreen in this cold, depressing scandinavian winter with a warm cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee in your hands I want you to smile, enjoy or laugh at them...

be careful to not spill any hot chocolate, tea or coffee on your computer now... You have been warned :)

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29, Sandnes

Well, this blog will be mostly in English, maybe part broken Inglish since na me de be halfway Naijan (Nigerian). But before I go any further I just want to take my time and thank you all for stopping by this blog. I am David, half white half black, I rap, do martial arts and I am totally in to art. (Not that spiritual kind of shit where u trace a line and felt the connection between the earth and universe doing it... fuck that.). Enjoy my blog