The Helix... Loaded (2005)

Directed by: A. Raven Cruz

Starring: Scott Levy, Vanilla Ice, Geremy Dingle, Samantha Brooke, Dana Woods, Dane Moreton, Brigett Fink, Eugene Kim

Tagline: It's the question that fuels you...What is The Helix?

The plot is pretty simple, "the one" is dead and Orpheum must find another one. Well at least it sounds simple but I felt this movie was more "complicated" than necessary. I found it very interessting the first 15 minutes before I dozed off and paused it ceveral times to do other unecessary stuff on the internet, like watching "sterkekent", a drunk girl in a swimming pool or "techno viking" videos on youtube. The acting is not as bad as I expected, but the dialogues sometimes were to long and I didnt quite get what was going on. This is a matrix spoof, no doubt about that. The humor in this film was not at all funny. I think I smiled one time throughout the whole film. The fight scenes was just to stupid and childish with some annoying effects while performing the battles. The special effects in this film was also better than expected, but some scenes had bad tgi work, it was annoying.

My conclusion to the whole Helix project would be that it might have worked better as a web series with several short episodes not lasting more than 5-7 minutes each... For some reason this is the first thing that came to mind after enjoying 15 not so bad minutes.

I give this 3/10 Pukes.

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