Darius Hayden James a.k.a Dr Snakeskin

February 2007 I went to New York City with my little sister. I remember looking for tickets online, and I found some reasonable tickets for two persons. I shouted to my sister who was in the other room: " Hey sis! do you want to go to New York?". She responded "I am broke." I replied to her "To late", the tickets were ordered as I pressed. I was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim, Norway at that time and one of my teachers wrote me an e-mail a few days before my departure saying: "David, this guy you just have to meet".

I took my teachers advice and wrote to Mr. Darius James a.k.a Dr Snakeskin and told him about my trip to NY. He offered my sister and I accomodation for a night and we accepted his offer. A few weeks later we were on our way to New York. When we landed our luggage was delayed by a few hours and we were running late for our appointment with Darius. We took a taxi to the station but the taxi let us off at the wrong one, so we had to take another taxi. After taking the train to conneticut we jumped in a third taxi, destination: Darius home. When we got there I realized we were in a neighbourhood that reminded of a ghetto, like you see in the movies.

It was about 1 a.m and we were both tired, we payed the cab and walked to the front porch. I hesitated at first cause I saw this sign next to the door that kind of freaked me out. The sign said "never mind the dog, mind of owner" and had a drawing of a gun pointing at you. At first I thought this was the wrong house but I made up my mind and knocked on the door. A woman opened it and welcomed us. The first time I saw Darius, he was sleeping on his couch. The woman, Darius little sister tried to wake him up and after a few poundings on his shoulder he opened his eyes and stood up really fast. The first words I heard coming out Darius mouth was: "Who the fuck are you?"

We introduced ourselves and he realized that I was David, the half african boy from Norway with a nappy afro before he welcomed us. Remember, we were running late, and Dr Snakeskin was expecting us about 2 hours earlier. He told us that he had made soul food (afro american cooking) for us to enjoy on our arrival, and he had also bought a big bottle of wine that he finished by him self while waiting for us. With other words, Mr James was drunk and had passed out on the couch.

The next day we talked about a lot of things and I realized he was into books and had written some himself. Some of his written masterpieces are: "That's Blaxploitation!: Roots of the Baadasssss 'Tude (Rated X by an All-Whyte Jury)" and "Negrophobia". he asked me if I read books and I didnt at that time so I said "no". He then replied: "you gotta read nigguh, there are knowledge in books". It was like a punch in the face, a wakeup call, cause after that day I suddenly started reading books.

We were talking about porn and I told him that I was really interessted in that subject and about what happends behind the curtains of this industry that everyone knows about without admitting. He said to me: "I know this girl right and she does clown porn, she dresses up as a clown and she FUCKS!!!". Because of him, I got in contact with Hollie Stevens, the queen of "Clown Porn" and two years later, I've made a film about her.

We were suppose to stay there for one night and ended up staying there for four, two big brothers and two little sisters under the same roof in the "Ghetto" of conneticut.

To see photos from the trip click here

This blog entry is dedicated to my dear friend, mentor and a fucking good writer Darius "Dr Snakeskin" James.

Thank you for everything.

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28, Sandnes

Well, this blog will be mostly in English, maybe part broken Inglish since na me de be halfway Naijan (Nigerian). But before I go any further I just want to take my time and thank you all for stopping by this blog. I am David, half white half black, I rap, do martial arts and I am totally in to art. (Not that spiritual kind of shit where u trace a line and felt the connection between the earth and universe doing it... fuck that.). Enjoy my blog