Black Ninja (2003)

Directed by: Clayton Prince

Starring: Clayton Prince, Carla Brothers, Nicky Dematteo, Yuki Matsuzaki, Heather Hunter m.m

Clayton Prince, the writer, star and director of Black Ninja is trying to be funny without succeeding. During the opening titles you see him in court and then the image freezes, suddenly a text pops up saying: "Directed by Me". Honestly, if I were Clayton I would have a text saying: "Directed by anonumous", because this movie is so bad that it is bad. A lawyer that represents criminals winning the cases everytime, hated by the people. During the night he has on a mask covering his eyes and just looks ridiculous, how does he see through this piece of black cloth?. Anyway, he is suppose to be this ninja saving people, seeking revenge for his family killed by a red ninja. To be honest, I watched the first 20 minutes and just had to shut off the film, then I watched the rest without audio while listening to music. This is how bad the movie was. The lighting was awful, the acting horrible, the fight scenes a joke. What I am trying to say is that this movie was so bad that it is just bad. Where is the charm in that? During the fight scenes you have this really crappy hiphop music playing, and during the love scenes some cheezy, fucked up, wannabe mellow R&B. I had to watch "The Room" just to try and forget about "The Black Ninja"...

I give this waste of time 1/10 Pukes... I still feel sick after watching this...

Take a look at the trailer if you dare.

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