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picture taken by David Lamignan Larsen?

Well, for my 1 or 2 blog readers I am back and will try to stay for this time. I have been without a computer for a while now and I guess that has something to do with my absence.

I just finished graduating from the Trondheim University of Science and have now a master degree in fine art. I guess I am courageous and happy thinking to myself: "I finally made it". My master project was called "Hollie".I basically followed a girl named Hollie Stevens with a video camera. She has the title: "The Queen of ClownPorn". I spent 2 months filming her everyday actions and I interviewed her, and her entourage of crazy friends (crazy in a good way). Steven Leyba, Hollies best friend is one of the interessting characters, he is known for his sexpressionitic paintings and his performance: "Reading and Bleeding". He basically reads from his book while a few girls cut him with scalpels, sometimes the girls even pee on him. I also met Murrugun the Mystic, he is one of few swordswalloers in the world. I also joined Stevens on the set of her latest film: "Crackwood" which is not a porn, but the first clown western ever made. On the set I met most of the crew and actors of the cult pornfilm: "ClownPorn".

I used almost 2 years of my life putting this project together. It was my exam piece. I presented it in an exhibition with fellow students. It was screened at Nova cinema in Trondheim as well. The press (NRK P3 and Adresseavisa) were also interessted and did interviews with Hollie and I. I invited miss Stevens for the premiere and exhibition opening here in Trondheim where she spent 2 weeks.

I am currently working on a film called "Hollie in Trondheim". I am a workaholic and cannot leave my videocamera alone, so I just had to film her.... again.

Under you can check out trailers and other stuff about my projects about Hollie.

Hollie Stevens and Steven Leyba teaser:

Hollie Stevens and Dick Chibbles teaser:

Hollie Stevens sings karaoke @ Frakken nightclub, Trondheim

Hollie Stevens and I having a fight/argument in Trondheim

If you want to see more videos from these projects you can check out my youtube channel by clicking


For the radio and newspaper interview you can click on following:

NRK P3 Adressa

Thank you for reading and checking out my pieces. You will hear from me soon again with new reviews of b-movies and blogs about unusual crazy stuff...


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30.sep.2010 kl.14:47

Grattis! Drit bra herre


01.okt.2010 kl.10:53

Dayum, what's the background for the argument/fight/crying/screaming incident?


01.okt.2010 kl.13:32

janonymous: I really dont know, she just flipped out... maybe homesick :)


01.okt.2010 kl.13:33


Takker og bukker :)

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Well, this blog will be mostly in English, maybe part broken Inglish since na me de be halfway Naijan (Nigerian). But before I go any further I just want to take my time and thank you all for stopping by this blog. I am David, half white half black, I rap, do martial arts and I am totally in to art. (Not that spiritual kind of shit where u trace a line and felt the connection between the earth and universe doing it... fuck that.). Enjoy my blog