Anvil, the story of Anvil (2008)

Directed by: Sasha Gervasi
Starring: Steve "Lips" Kudlow
Robb Reiner

Usually I write about movie projects that are in the b-z category. I recently watched "Anvil, the story of Anvil" and I was amazed about this documentary which, at first, I thought was a mockumentary. The film is about a rock band that toured with some of todays biggest bands and just vanished for some strange reason. One of their original fans followed them for a period of time and filmed mainly the characters Lips and Robb. I found out that it was real and I just loved it. I also found out that none of my friends had ever heard of it, or seen it. That is one of the reasons that I chose to mention this piece of genius on my blog. I believe that Gervasi, the director, manage to get the sensitive side of the main people involved because of his passion for their music and his life as one of their groupies for several years. This piece of wonder is the kind of work that makes Mozart turn around in his grave, farting "Metal to Metal" so that we all can hear it.

I give this 9.5/10 pukes.

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