Chantal (2007)

Directed by
Tony Marsiglia

Misty Mundae
Julian Wells
Andrea David
Darian Caine
Julie Strain

I recently found out a new genre of b-movies and I am sure that by mentioning some of the titles you will guess what kind of movies they are. If I say "Spider Babe" or "Lord of the G-Strings" maybe "The Insatiable Iron Babe" and why not "Batbabe: The Dark Nightie" where the super vilain is called "the Jerker". I guess the first thing you're thinking is porn parody or something. Well this blog is not about porn, that is a totally different story, this blog is more about strange stuff I find and write about. This new genre is actually much worse than porn, just imagine, the acting is so bad that sometimes it is inferior to porn. The camera use is weak and quality reminds of homevideo. These movies are ment to be erotic comedies in a parodic kind of way, but lets not get to much out of focus. I chose to write a review on Chantal because it is a movie starring many of the actresses that plays in the movies mentioned earlier.
Chantal is a psychadelic trip into the world of stardom in Hollywood. It starrs Misty Mundae who plays Chantal, an innocent little girl who wants to be famous in Hollywood. Her trip ends up to be a sick trip and the viewers (us) are so in the trip that it takes time to digest when the movie is over.
You wish it never ended. I would reccomend this b-movie to people who are open when it comes to different movies. I watched this film sometime ago and I am still thinking about it. The after effect of this film is the same you get by watching "The Room". It will stay glued inside your brain until you get senile and shit. (maybe that is all you talk about while your senile and your family is all confused...)

I am sure that this film deserves 7/10 pukes.

Enjoy the movie everyone.

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