Troll 2 (1990)

Directed by:
Claudio Fragasso

Michael Stephenson
George Hardy
Margo Prey
Connie Young
Robert Ormsby
Deborah reed

"Troll 2" is a movie I was really excited to watch. My expectations were really high after all I read/heard about it. This is the follow up to Julia Louis-Dreyfus first feature film, "Troll". You probably know Louis-dreyfus as elaine in "Seinfeld".
I think my biggest mistake was to screen Tommy Wiseaus, "The Room" right before I looked into "Troll 2". Don't get me wrong, "Troll 2" was bad, in a good way but it didn't lift my spirit as much as Wiseaus master piece.
The acting in Troll was bad in a provocative way. The kind of talent you get for hiring actors from the amateur theatre scene. If we compare this flick to Godfrey Hos "Honour and Glory" or "Undefeatable", it is the same kind of acting with a little bit more drama, twist it with gore and bad special effects, then take away the fight scenes.
I recommend it for cult film fans world wide, but I have to say that Wiseaus piece is a gold mine compared to Fragassos "Troll 2".

I give this flick 6.5/10 Pukes

Here is my favorite scene from the Cult Movie

Here you have some other scenes from the flick

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