The Room (2003)

Written, Directed and Produced by:
Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau
Juliette Danielle
Greg Sestero
Philip Haldiman

Rhumours has it that Tommy Wiseau used 4 years and spent over $7 million making this film. He claims that he raised the money himself by selling imported leather jackets from Korea. I watched this film and I have to say that this IS one of my top 3 b-movies of all time. In this review I will let fans speak instead of me.
I give this movie 10/10 pukes
Comments from youtube:

"The room is a consistently funny film that deserves its "so bad its good" status. And tommy wiseau is fucking hillarious- he's like a robot trying to immitate human behaviour with no success what so ever ."YOU ARE TEARING ME APART LISA!"

"Anytime I have a crappy day, I watch The Room. Seriously this movie makes all my problems fade away magically."

"Hahaha no wonder all the funniest people in Hollywood love this movie! It's ridiculous! Oh, how awful. I totally want to see it now."

"this movie is so shitty its beyond words. I have all faith in humanity."

"6 Million dollars well spent !!! LOL"

"I've become a big fan of this movie! It's just so fucking hilarious! I want more! But I don't want Tommy Wiseau to make a comedy, it would be embarassingly unfunny, I want him to make another drama!

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