Merry Fucking Christmas

I am kind of confused because I do not know what christmas is all about? is it about the birth of the coolest hippie of all time? Jesus Christ. Or is it all about the evil Santa Claus with his red bloody suit. Remember, this old man is so fat that he gets stuck in the chimney every year disappointing every small child who is wondering:
"why the fuck this chunky bastard ain't come to my house?".
One of my questions is why do we need one day to show appreciation to the ones we love? Does that mean that we can be mean rest of the year? I mean, can Jesus only forgive our sins on his birthday? I don't really know and I am sorry to tell you this, I don't care. Christmas is a stupid holiday where people spend money, getting broke in order to show appreciation for one anothers. Well I am showing my appreciation by giving a hug, saving my money and buying myself a christmas gift. I buying myself a trip abroad when all the plane tickets have january sale.
Speaking of presents. Merry Christmas:

Click on the cd cover for a sweet christmas surprise.

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