Silent Night, Deadly Night part 2


Directed by: Lee Harry

Starring: Eric Freeman, James Newman, Elizabeth Kaitan, Jean Miller
  • "The nightmare is about to begin... again!"
  • "Prayers Won't Save You In The Silent Part Of This Night..."
  • "Ricky Caldwell: You're good doc, real good. But I know all the moves, I could squash you like a bug.
    Henry Bloom: You don't frighten me, Ricky.
    Ricky Caldwell: Not yet."
  • "Ricky Caldwell: [about to shoot a man carrying a garbage can] Garbage day!"
  • "Loudmouth in Theater: Let's go, start the movie! Mooovie, mooovie!"
  • "Ricky Caldwell: My old lady couldn't afford to send me to college. So I got a job. I was washing dishes, dumping trash... all that sort of shit. I think you're gonna like this next part. It sounded like some squirrel getting his nuts squeezed."
  • "Jennifer Statson: I hate you Ricky! I hate you!
    Ricky Caldwell: Punish!
    Jennifer Statson: [gulps] Uh-oh."
  • "Henry Bloom: Hello, Ricky. I'm your court apointed therapist. My name is Dr. Henry Bloom. You can call me Henry, or if you want, you can just call me Doc.
    Ricky Caldwell: Fuck off... Doc!"
  • "Henry Bloom: Tell me about Jennifer.
    Ricky Caldwell: Eat shit!"

"According to James Newman and Lee Harry, the choice of who to play Ricky Caldwell came down to Eric Freeman and another actor. The other actor has more experience and was a better actor overall, but they liked Eric's looks better so they chose him for the role. "

If you hate the usual crap T.V sends during the holidays you will love this crap. This is the kind of movie that Norwegian T.V stations won't ever consider putting on. This is the Part 2, or kind of a worse "silent night deadly" remake. Ricky, the main character, is played by no other than the legendary "garbage day" screaming turd, Eric Freeman. He got known for his performance on youtube where you can whach him move his eyebrows while he acts, or maybe watch the cinema scene. Or the scene where he screams "GARBAGE DAY!!!".

I loved this movie. It is so bad that it is BADAZZ... kicking harder than a high level Kung Fu master braking bricks with his head... (head kick?)...

Since they only used 10 days to shoot this film I just have to give this movie 10/10 pukes.
  • "When Ricky electrocutes Chip, his hand is still clenching Chip's throat. Since he has no insulated gloves on, he should've been fried as well."
  • "As Ricky retells the shooting of Santa on Christmas morning 1984, he claims that it was really the janitor in the suit. But it wasn't; it was the priest."
  • The goof below may give away important plot points:
    "The first half of the film is made up of Ricky telling Dr. Bloom (in flashback) of Billy's rampage on Christmas Eve. But no reason is given for Ricky's knowledge of these facts. He wasn't with Billy that night and Billy was killed the very next morning, so he would've never had a chance to tell Ricky what he did."

"In 2004, the directors of Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 tried to find Eric Freeman for the commentary track of the DVD release, but they claim he was untraceable. Freeman's current whereabouts remain a mystery." -wikipedia-

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