Death Warrior (2009)


Directed by Bill Corcoran


Hector Echavarria
Nick Mancuso
Tanya Clarke
Keith Jardine
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

First of all, what the hell is nu-metal doing as a soundtrack for a martial arts movie? That was the first thing that bothered me in this film. I hoped, I really hoped, that it would be that one song in the whole feature, but hell no. They had to play that annoying ass music (or maybe it was the cd for a stupid band or something) throughout the whole movie.
I was so embarrassed for them. The acting was so bad that it was not even funny. I have seen better acting in porn. The fight scenes were really bad choreographed, and bad shot or edited. The cuts were strange and it didn't always make sense. In some battle scenes they repeted the same punch/kick ceveral time (kinda how they did in old Van Damme movies, that was cool in the late 80's early 90's, not so cool in 2008/09).
The story was awful, and I wasted 1hrs 29 min of my life on this trashy film.
Enjoy and don't pop any popcorn, cause it will die of boredom.

2/10 pukes

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