I spent 5 months in the lovely city of Berlin and imagine how sad I was to get back to Norway. Just Imagine, here you have the greenest city in Europe (not the Dr. Greenthumb kind). A lot of Parks, sun blue skies. open air barbecue and even open air disco/bars. The city was a city of bikes and chillness. I have never seen people cycle like Africans exept in Africa.
What was also great about Berlin was all the happenings and open air festivals etc.
Off course you have some "tourist traps" like everywhere else, but if you set foot in Kreuzberg I am sure you will be surprised about the cheapness of that part of town, unfortunately, that part is also becoming a tourist attraction meaning prices are on their way up.
Kreuzerg is also known as little Istanbul, the reason is simply that it is that it is the place with most turkish people outsie turkey. Did you know that Dner Kebab was born in Kreuzberg?
Another part that facinated me was Friedrichshain, there I ate the best Haloumi ever.
If you get a chance to visit Berlin in the summertime, I recommend that you visit Mauer Park as well. That is where all the hippies, circus, sideshow, jugglers artists, musicians regular people m.m go to chill, have fun, maybe sing open air karaoke in the bear pit. I loved that place.
Go Berlin, I am certainly coming back...

A video I made about Mauer Park.

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