Wesley Willis (R.I.P) May 31, 1963 - August 21, 2003


Some of you may think who the hell is Wesley Willis, and what the hell etc. I am thinking: why NOT Wesley Willis, he was a freaking legend in my head. This blog is about strange stuff that "normal" people (however you want to define "normal") wouldn't write about. My job is to find stories and people that I think of as special and by stating that, I am not thinking about the spice girls or J.Lo, in my head it is more about Kenny G, Michael Bolton (those 2 has to be related) and Wesley Willis.
Now, who was this interesting character Wesley Willis? The short answer is a schizophrenic musician and artist with a genius master mind who was able to create a cult status by playing intellectual songs with only a keyboard. For those who are not interested can stop reading here. The rest who want's to learn more about this great character, please proceed.

Let's go deeper into Willis life before we jump to any sorts of conclusions. Wesley was born in Chicago, Illinois to Walter Willis and Annie Ruth, he had 9 siblings. At a young age his father left him and he stayed with his mother who was practicing prostitution and drug dealing. Wesley remember the beatings his mother gave him and had to watch her having sex in exchange for drugs. In 1972, him and his siblingsgot removed from theirabusive mother to various foster homes. He got adopted and reunited with 3 of his siblings.
He began to hear voices in 1989 and he called these "demon mullets".He often mentioned that his demons were named "Heartbreaker," "Nervewrecker," and "Meansucker". He got diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Short after the diagnose he got institutionalized.He called his psychotic episodes "hell rides", and alternatively, he declaredrock and rollto be "the joy ride music".
Willis sold ink pen drawings on the streets of chicago. What is fascinating about his art is that Willis was in one train station drawing a detailed picture of a different train station from memory. He later on used his art works as album covers.
Willis joined musicians from the underground alternative rock scene and started the file sharing band The Wesley Willis Fiasco. Willis created an intense heat in his home town and got the attention from American Records, an independent record label distributed by Warner. He has also worked with the canadian metal band "Monster Voodoo Machine". Willis recorded 2 albums with American Records and a dozens of albums independently. He toured frequently, was on MTV and appeared on the Howard Stern Show.

One of Wesley Willis's trademarks was headbutting (as shown on the end of the first video clip) with his fans and friends.ypically when approached by a fan, Willis would gingerly hold his or her head between his hands and say, "Say....RAH!" and then he would say "Bump my head." The fan would respond as instructed and Willis would bump his head against his or hers. Then he would say, "Say....RAH!" and the fan would again respond as instructed by repeating "RAH!" Willis would repeat this over and over as long as the fan or friend would tolerate it and he would then express joy and delight from this unique connection, or he would become distracted by the prospect of selling one of his "Rock 'n' Roll CD's" (most of his sales were done face-to-face on the street or at one of the hundreds of concerts he attended on a regular basis.)

Well, I guess it is up to you to judge who Wesley Willis was for you after reading this. With his bizzarre one key note music and texts that was all from political (osama bin laden), to scare his demons (eat a cheetah's dick). His art work that mostly represented his hometown Chicago. What was so special about Wesley who made over 50 cds with at least 20 tracks on each. Why so many fans with his simplified music? All I can conclude with is that I have deeply respect for this person, cause he was a brave fighter and used his music doing it. Wesley Willis, may your soul rest in peace.

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