Internet Dating (2008) review


Directed by

Co-Directed by
D'juan Baham

Katt Williams
Master P
Clifton Powell
Reynaldo Ray
Sammy B. Willis

This is one of those movies where you often see the shadow of the microphone, the camera man in car reflection and in the sunglasses of the actors, when they shout the sound is pretty bad. Some scenes the music is to loud and you can't hear the actors talking. It reminds me of a real Nollywood film quality wise and acting wise. The only thing missing is the wind blowing through the mic and music with way to much discount. The concept of internet dating is great because that is the new way of meeting people whatever we like it or not.
I call Internet dating the new wave of gossip magazines, almost everyone reads them, but few admits it. I have been trying out internet dating myself and it has been fucked up most of the times so in a way I can respond to this film, some scenes I see my self in but still it is not well done.
I am a fan of Katt Williams and his comedy but it looked like they shot this piece during a week end or something and they have a few big names it in, which is the selling point.
This film is written by Romeo Miller, Master P's son, yes you guessed it... Romeo Miller is a.k.a Lil Romeo. It is directed by his father Master P a.k.a Percy Miller. He is suppose to be one of the worlds richest men and this is the best he can do?? I give this 3/10 pukes

Enjoy the video clips

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