Worst fight scenes ever, or should I say BEST!!

Human beings are known to be a violent race without admitting it. You say you're soft and kind and that you're respecting your neighbor and all that crap. But what really happens behind closed doors with the curtains covering the window on a saturday night? You and your friends are watching violent films and enjoying it. Is this just a substitute to how violent human beings really are? a substitute instead of killing the neighbors barking all night long dog?
Or is it just plain fun to watch people fight the eastern european countries to save the USA from terrorists? I am not judging cause I love action movies myself only I chose the bad ones. I mean, I enjoy watching films like "the bourne Identity", "Ong Bak", "Die Hard", "Mission Impossible", "Rush Hour" just to name a few. But I really prefer to watch films like "Undefeatable", "The Circuit", "Cyborg Cop", "Nemesis" just to name a few. I have assembled a few clips so that you will know what I am talking about... These are violent, fun, stupid and impressive at the same time. enjoy...

Well there you have it. Some of the beautiful fight scenes out there... Don't you wish human beings were less aggressive now??

Have a lovely Saturday.

The Monkey

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25.mar.2009 kl.00:05

9 deaths of a Ninja! Sho Kosugi! Lovely! The dwarfs look and sound like fucking rats:D

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