The Glamour Of Porn By Hollie Stevens "Miss Emily Porn"

This is the monthly Hollie Stevens Story. My good friend, a pornstar, writer and artist. Enjoy her story.


The Glamour Of Porn

By Hollie Stevens "Miss Emily Porn"
Corpsepondant for Girls and Corpses Magazine

One of the questions I'm frequently asked is what my first porno shoot was like. I've generally answered with this true story:

My very first scene ever was a threesome scene with a girl by the name of Bridgette Kirkov and a guy named of Julian. Bridget is an Anal Queen. She can take very large objects up her butt.Her big thing is that she once put a hundred chopsticks up her butt. So, it was safe to say that at the end of this scene we'd either finish with her in some sort of anal position, or have Chinese food.

The sex scene was going right along and sure enough, towards the end, it was time for the anal. Julian was giving it to her up her ass and all I could do was just sit there and stare in shock and disbelief because I'd never seen anything like that so up close and personal. Julian is very "large". The director soon began yelling at me, "Hollie get your ass in there and do something!" I had no idea what he wanted me to do. I just kept thinking to myself, what does he expect? I can't top this!! I was in shock. It was like something out of Ripley's Believe it or Not.

I feel like it's time for the readers of Girls and Corpses to hear the whole truth. Even though there's some ugliness to it. I think people need to know that a porn set isn't as fun and glamorous as it may appear. So, with that in mind, here's the rest of the story:

I showed up early on my first porn set which was a gigantic mansion located in the San Fernando Valley (the mecca of porn). I searched the mansion until I finally found the production assistant. He takes me to the kitchen, asks for my ID's, hands me a bunch of paperwork to fill out and tells me to hit the makeup chair. I finish filling all of the paperwork out and then proceed for my next journey, which is trying to find a bathroom before getting into make up. I eventually find it, finish my early morning coffee, pee, and realize I had just started my period. I had no idea what I was going to do. I thought my first shoot was fucked because of my menstrual cycle. I told the makeup artist my situation and I was relieved when she let me in on an old porn trick. Yes folks, porn stars still work even when they're on their period. She tells me to take one of her makeup sponges, dampen it with water, and shove it up my vag. Apparently, the water helps suppress the bleeding and the sponge sucks up whatever blood does come out, so it doesn't get all over the guys cock when he pulls out on camera. Yes, I'm serious.

The sex scene proceeded on schedule , no problems , no blood and no treasures popping out of Bridgett's gaping butt hole.

After the scene, I took a quick shower and tried to take the makeup sponge out. The sponge wouldn't budge. I wasn't too worried, though. I just wanted to get out of there, go home and finally be able to relax from my ridiculous day at work.

My agent's driver finally arrived to pick me up from the shoot. She appeared with several other porn chicks she had to drop off as well. During the car ride home, the other girls were asking me how my very first shoot went. I went on to tell them about my day and calmly slipped in the part about the makeup sponge still stuck in my twat. Everyone in the car immediately flipped. It was pure hysteria. When I was dropped off at my apartment, the girls followed me inside. They came up with a plan. A volunteer from the car was going to reach in and get it. Whatever, I thought, if that's what they wanted to do, then sure, go for it. My roommate had a massage therapist over to work on her earlier and she had left her massage table. The girls made me lay on the table and spread em' imitating a foul trip to the gynecologist. The first "volunteer" then shoved her hand in, dug around for a bit and then pulled out a bloody hand shouting, "I can feel it, I just can't get to it. It's too slippery!!" in her Brazilian accent. The girls lined their hands up to see who had the longest fingers. The winner with the longest digits stepped up and quickly did the same thing as the first volunteer and shouted, "I can feel it, I just can't get to it!" All of a sudden, my vag became a game of who could pull the sponge out of Hollie's cunt hole.

At this point, one of my roommates walked in with the look of horror. I explained to her the whole situation while yelling at the girls to get their hands out of my crotch. My roommate then gets the idea to grab a douche bottle, fill it up with cold water, and has me go douche in the bathtub with it. She told me that the makeup artist failed to mention that it was COLD water that I should have been using, explaining that COLD water stops the bleeding and most likely, the warm water got the sponge stuck. I tried the douche and still, nothing. I finally told everyone to leave me alone and that I'd go to the doctor in the morning.

The next day, I was hoping to go to porn valley's resident doctor but he was out of the office that day. so I ended up going to another doctor in his building. I told this doctor about the sponge that didn't want to come out and within less than a minute, out comes a speculum along with a pair of tongs and I was instantly separated from my blood sucking sponge. The doctor then had to ask me why it was in there in the fist place, making the situation a bit more awkward than it already was. I just told him I couldn't find a tampon.

So there it is, the whole story of my first day on the porn set. I think I was embarrassed by it for a few days until I began to hear other embarrassing and much more hardcore stories. You can't believe what girls get stuck up their vaginas!

So, the moral is: if you're a fan of porn,nevergo on a porn set. It will kill the fantasy for you. There are other "tricks" that happen on set. The miracle of editing shields you from these as well. I'm not saying that such "accidents" happen every day but after three hundred adult films, I've seen a lot of things and have heard a lot of stories and when you're up close and personal on camera, you must be willing to take the good with the bad, and the sponges with the blood.

See you at the porn movies,




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