Beyond the ring (2008) movie review

beyond the ring

Directed by:
Gerson Sanginitto

Andr Lima
Aycka Lima
Christianny Lima
Gary Busey
Brye Cooper

This film is supposed to be based on true events but doesn't seem that way because of its non convincing acting. I think it is a great film to watch when you're hung over and want easy entertainment while you enjoy your pizza.
I believe that Andr Lima plays him self and it is a movie about different fights to save a persons life, the physical fight, the mental fight and the fight other do to help your fight etc. It felt like an Full House episode except it had a little bit more martial arts action in it.
Some of the scenes were to clisj and you could predict what was going to happend. Who wouldnt enjoy a film with Gary Busey anyway on a sunday recovering from saturdays partyworld. Well I kinda recommend this one if u want an easy laugh because of its bad acting and a little bit of fast forwarded action (meaning the editors have already fast forwarded the fight scenes for you). It could have been at least 5-10 minutes shorter because of the repetition in the story.. well... What da hell, I give this flick 5/10 pukes.

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17.mar.2009 kl.21:56

var dette ment som mer spennende en min dag?:P

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