Die Hard Dracula (1998) review


Directed by
Peter Horak

Bruce Gloving
Denny Saching
Kerry Dustin
Ernest M. Garcia
Chaba Hrotko
Tom McGovan

This is the kind of movie that I am not sure if I like it or not because of its badness. The acting is lower than a b-movie, and the music reminds me of a crappy german shit porn. But then again who wouldn't love a film where one of the lines goes: "I'm an american and we're tough".
The story is so whack that phrases like that saves this film a lot of points. See, the problem is that I am not sure if the director who is also the writer and the producer did this on purpose or not, I don't know where I have him. The special effects are stupid and it looks like it has been shot with one of those early 90's hi8 cameras that you probably get for free today. This will probably be the most difficult movie to rank in my point system of puke. It is like I wanted to throw up but I couldn't. So to make it easier I just rolled a dice. It came out to be a 3... so 3/10 pukes...

Just to give you an idea about it take a look for yourselves:

and here you have another scene

would you use 1 hours and 30 minutes of your life watching this film??
Remember: you're not getting that spent time back...

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12.mar.2009 kl.10:02

Lordi. Dette her va jo uuuutroligt drligt filma, drlige effekter "lines".. Nei offameg, konne jo filma det bedre sjl i fjose p Tjelta :P LoL

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