What a day and it isn't even 9 a.m yet

I fucking hate bad starts in the morning. (excuse my language but I mean it). 
Here I am in Berlin, a super cool town and I am sacrificing my saturday because I want to join the training sunday morning which starts at 9 P.M. meaning I have to be there with my martial arts gear ready a few minutes before that. 
Anyway, I went to bed really early (around 12ish) so I could function the next day. Remember, I am new in this town, I moved in this room 2 days ago and I know nothing about the streets or whatsoever in this area. What I do know is that it takes me at least 40 minutes to get to the gym where we train and I have never been there before.
I was suppose to go to my friends house which is 50 minutes away and we were suppose to go together. The rendez-vous was set to 08:30 A.M. I know where my friends house is, but I don't know where the gym is, but still, I have never taken public transport to my friends house.  
I went online found the directions, wrote them down, set my alarm to 6 30 and went to sleep. I had a really strange dream that night. My alarm woke me up and I was running late. Then I realized that I have forgotten to change the time due to difference in time zone and I actually had over an hour to sleep.
I slept some more and woke up, ate breakfast, prepared my bag and off we went. I was alive and kicking, I was on schedule, I was a negro about to catch his bus to freedom. When I arrived at the station something was wrong, I realized that if you want to be free you must be dumb, that is why it is called freedumd, dumb ass. Anyway there were no buses going at these stops, only the tram. I was so confused that I went back to slavery, meaning I went back home. I logged on skype and called my friend. He said no worries, I will send you the directions to the place. He kept his word and sent me the direction. I wrote down the directions and went for the tram  station. As I walked to the station I saw my tram driving away from me in front of my brown eyes. I went to check when the next tram went, 30 minutes later... aint that a bitch?
I soooo hated myself for this... Why? I sacrificed my saturday, I was in a good training mood and still everything goes against my will... 

I felt so sorry for myself that I just had to put on this music video for this story.


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