Brother in arms (2005) review

Directed by
Jean Claude La Marre

David Carradine
Gabriel Casseus
Norwegian born: Lene Pedersen
Glenn Plummer
Kenya Moore
Raymond Cruz
Antwon Tanner
Peter Sherayko

When I watched this film I could not take it serious, not for a second. When I was in "Aqua Dulce" near Los Angeles I spent 1 week on a movie set. The set of "CrackWood" directed by Chris Spoto. Now "Crackwood" is the first Clown Western ever to be made and it was shot on a ranch owned by Peter Sherayko. Aqua Dulce is known for its desert and a lot of the Hollywood Westerns has been shot out there and so did this film, "Brother in arms".
When I first put it on I started to giggle asking myself "Is that the same exact mountain that I saw on the set of "Crackwood"??" I wouldn't believe it so I convinced myself "naw, it can't be".
Right after that I saw Peter Sherayko and I realized that it was the same spot. I recognized everything in it. Dang!! or Fuck!. Then I tried to pay attention to the movie but I couldn't stop smiling or laughing. This is the kind of movie with bad acting, bad shoot scenes, characters are not convincing but in a good way. And I have never seen so many black people in a western before. It is soooo poor that it is rich, doesn't make sense does it? There you go: IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.. but I loved it.
I will give this film 8/10 pukes.

In this specific video clip form the movie you can see who Peter Sherayko is. I am not giving you a hint, instead I uploaded a picture from the set "Crackwood" and Peter is also in that photo. Guess who he is, for the first 5 that guesses right I will give you a copy of "Brother in arms", or will I?? Try me

on the set of "CrackWood"

On the set of "CrackWood"

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