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Today was my first Qwan Ki Do session here in Germany. For those who don't know, I moved to Berlin as an exchange student with a purpose. One of the purposes was to re-discipline and I wanted to do by training Qwan Ki Do. 
Qwan Ki Do is an martial art partly Chinese and Vietnamese and it goes under the kung fu family.
I have been training this for almost 14 years and the last year it has been minimal because of school and traveling. When I first arrived at the gym I was so excited to finally do some artistic fight moves. I put on my Vo Phuc (uniform) and went to a corner and started to jump/move and as I did so I could feel my breathe getting heavier and more exhausted... It was a hell ride, I started to do some forms (for all of those people who has done Karate, forms are Kata) and then my condition got even worse, getting so bad that I felt I got strangled. I moved for about 45 minutes and sat down and stretched out for about 15 minutes before we were done.
Now I am home, sitting in front of my computer and I am in pain, my whole body feels teared up. My legs are totally like jell-o and my back and side is screaming ouch, fix us now you mutherfucker...

I see on this as a wake up call, a wake up call to get back in shape and work real hard. I need to re-discipline myself, the need is one thing, I WANT to re-discipline myself. I have to...

Wish me good luck... I know I will need it.

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06.mar.2009 kl.12:21

kult, har en svigerbror og flere kompisser som driver med MMA... Syns det er kjempe kult:)


06.mar.2009 kl.22:33

ja jeg digger kampsport selv hehe ;)

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