"Evil Pimp - Da Bad Guy Returns" review


Who wouldn't enjoy an album with song titles like: "voices say to kill", "love getting my dick sucked" and "Fuck a trunk". The chourus for the last song I mentioned goes like this:

"I put your ass in the front seat fuck a trunk
I'm riding in my car with a body laying next to me"

Isn't that poetic?
Well I took a listen to Memphis Tennesees Evil Pimps album "Da bad guy returns" with 24 tracks on it and it came to my mind that almost every single beat has something in common, it felt as all the songs were the same. No change what so ever besides maybe the bpm in a few cases. This is more the crunkish horrorcore hiphop mixed with sex, machoism and murderism. I though like one song had compassion until I heard it. The song is called "R.I.P feat lady dead" I put it on and excpectet to hear R.I.P mamma kinda song, but the first I hear is:

"fuck with me is R.I.P
murder is my specialty
call the police"

I found this album amusing and can not take Evil Pimp serious. I also realised that he does a lot of tung twisting, meaning that he is rapping fast. But whenever he does you barely hear what he is saying in contradiction to for example Tech N9ne where you capture every single word. This album is for those people who love crappy underground material or are totally into the memphis crunk movement like Mr. Schee or Al Kapone. If you are a Britney Spears or Madonna fan, this is NOT for you, not even for the HipHop fans digging tupac, all eyes on me. Or, should I say, All eyes on him, especially when you read, look at the photo or listen to the track I posted with this article.
I give this cd 4/10 vomits

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