Captain America (1990) movie review

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Captain America (1990)

directed by:
Albert Pyun

Matt Salinger
Ronny Cox
Ned Betty
Kim Gillingham
Darren McGavin

What's better than to start the first review on something excited and heroic like Captain America. I mean, everybody needs a hero to look up to and what is cooler to have a patriot for a hero, like Captain America.
It all starts off during the Nazi periods in Italy, a rich family is sitting and listening to a little boy play the piano, and they record what is being played. Suddenly, windows breaks and a bunch of military men enters with machine guns. They start shooting up the place and kidnaps the boy. The film then continues in a castle where they are preparing for an experiment that goes wrong, the Nazis create the redheaded, devilish, Red Skull.
The brain behind the experiment, doctor (something) is against it and manages to escape, she leaves by jumping out a window from the place where the experiment took place. She suddenly reappears in USA where she redoes the experiment with the best of 600 candidates, a candidate by the name Steve code name Captain America.
The best candidate?
well he walks with a limp and smokes cigarettes. So kids, I guess it is okay to smoke and break a leg. Anyway the new experiment takes place at a hidden place in a drive thru diner. They enter by a secret door by the closet of the diner, very original. While "Captain America" sits in the death row stool and gets electrocuted a guys screams out of nowhere "Heil Hitler!!" and starts shooting and killing people, including doctor (something). Steve gets out of the chair, gets shot a few times and hits the assassin. Captain America's first mission. How Patriotic. He then flies to a place and has the assignment to kill Red Skull. He is in his special designed bulletproof uniform and a shield. Why would he need a bulletproof uniform when he just received 2 or 3 bullets without dying or having an reaction what so ever. Well at least he has the most patriotic uniform in the super hero business. It is red, white and blue mostly stripes and stars. Sound familiar?
He fails the first mission and gets attached to a missile that is headed towards the white house. There a little kid sneaks out to take pictures of the white house and witness Captain America save the day/night by bending the wings it. The boy takes the picture and swears to meet him someday. The missile hits Alaska and then the film jumps 49 years in time and guess what? The little boy is now the president of the USA. Some scientists in Alaska finds Captain America covered in ice. They bring him back to base or the big as tent they probably research in. On the table is a big as ice cube with Captain America in it. He then smashes the ice and walks out of the tent. One of the scientists manages to take a picture and sends it in to the news paper. Since he has been frozen down for 49 years he hasn't aged a bit. The president is really thrilled about this and leaves for Italy where he gets kidnapped by the Red Skull.
Ok, I think I will stop right there so I don't ruin all the story for people wanting to see this flick, but to make a long story shorter, Captain America walks, note my words, he WALKS from Alaska to Canada and there he steals a car and drives to L.A.
but at the end he saves the day and fights Red Skull who is 49 years older than him. So it is obvious that Captain America wins the battle. Imaging a 30 year old fights with a 60, maybe 65 year old man, is that really fair? Oh the president fights also.
I have uploaded a clip from the movie that you can watch. It is a few minutes of the last battle. Mark the weak editing and the bad fights. The guy who choreographed the fights MUST have yellow belt in Karate or something cause it is really REALLY wack. This film is so poor that it isn't even funny.
I will give this film 2.5/10 vomits.

P.S: about the video clip, mark the guy in the white shirt, that is the President. Doesn't he have courage??

captain america

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